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Computer Remote Management

The Smart Way of doing IT!

A Proactive IT Service is much better than a Reactive IT

You can rest assured that with our Computer Remote Monitoring services, your servers, PC’s and laptops are in business-ready condition. Our proactive and preventive health checks test key components of the system each morning. We’ll be able to spot problems – almost always before they cause user downtime – and can fix them fast so your employees can make the most of every day. Our Computer Remote Monitoring service is performed automatically and reviewed daily by our qualified technicians. If we find problems, we’ll immediately alert an engineer so he can act fast to cut potential downtime. We’ll even send you a short note to confirm the checks carried out and their results.

24x7 Alerts

Configuration of immediate alerts to specific individuals in your Staff

Anti-virus Monitoring

Checks that your antivirus is right up-to-date and keeping you safe.

Windows performance

Check that your Windows Services are operating properly.

Login / Hacker Attempts

Monitor unauthorized log in attempts and hacking attempts.

Asset Management

Software and hardware tracking. Know which systems need to be upgraded and how many licenses are being used of each software

Hard drive checks

Ensure you have adequate disk space remaining, to prevent computer crashes

Disk Status

Check that your disks are healthy and there are no integrity issues


Ensure all backup sessions completed successfully

Daily & Weekly Reports

Live Connexus IT Reporting Options:

A range of reporting options that keep you informed – and assure you that we’re doing our job.

Live Connexus provides you with a range of ways to keep you informed. Our Computer Remote Monitoring Service enable us to constantly fix and adjust each device, and with it we can provide detailed information via our recurrent reports.

You’ll be able to choose the way you’d like to be kept informed. From Daily Health Check reports that advice you of the condition of your systems each morning, to Weekly Health Reports that provide a one-page, once-per-week health analysis, to comprehensive Monthly Client Reports that show trends and highlight issues on a wide range of systems.