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Email Archiving

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E-mail Archiving

E-mail Archiving

Stay Compliant & Protected & Never Loose an Email Again

Your business may be required by law to archive emails and you may not be aware of it. Companies must comply with the Federal Regulations on Civil Procedures (FRCP). This regulation mandates that businesses must be prepared for electronic discovery.

Despite compliance, emails are lost as people change jobs or accidents happen. An email archiving solution makes business sense for continuity purposes. Let us address the demands of regulatory compliance and audits for your business, while alleviating the burdens of data management, storage, security and business continuity. It doesn't matter if your server is on-site or the cloud; we can setup an archiving solution that meets your needs.

Messaging archiving

Set retention rules and determine on how long email messages are stored before they are deleted.

Retrieve messages on demand

Download or export emails to standard formats for processing and review

Search & Discovery

Search all company email by user, content or date.

Legal holds

Place legal holds on specific mailboxes, preserving messages indefinitely and meeting legal or other retention obligations. Admins can target specific content based on dates and terms.

Determine what data will not be subject to search

Exclude retention by user or content.

Retention on the Cloud

No need to keep local copies and enable an expensive redundancy system. Know your data is safe on trusted providers with high encryption.