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Business Data Backup

The Smart Way of doing IT!

Backup: Secure, Reliable and Ultra-fast

You Don't Drive a Car without Insurance. Why Run a Business without an External Backup Services

Our Managed Online Backup solution is part of Live Connexus’ Total Service Management suite. We monitor servers and workstations, and automatically run backups reducing your IT workload. Backups can be set automatically to select specific servers, workstations, folders, files or set exclusion rules.

With the combined power of True Delta technology capabilities with LocalSpeedVault™ functionality and a host of other features, your backups will have minimal impact on your bandwidth and restore a system quickly and easily.


Military-grade protection for your data


Backup and restore velocity > 5GB/min (translation: pretty darn fast!)


Storage can be increased to thousands of Terabytes


Integrated with our remote monitoring server; we can let you know if your systems miss a scheduled backup session

On the Cloud

Protect your data from fire or flood


Utilize your local servers to store data; we give you the software


Protect Windows Workstations, Windows Servers, Mac and Linux


Determine what to backup: computers, folders, files... add exclusions to your list (like videos or music)
  • High Security
    Our solution offers encryption options from AES 128-bit and AES 256-bit to military-grade 448-bit Blowfish encryption; you choose the security level that’s right for your business. And with our Hybrid, Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud approach, your data is more secure than on-premise - yet easy and quick to restore failed systems or files.
  • High Speed
    With True Delta TechnologyTM, backups are done extremely fast. Running lightly in the background, this is a fire-and-forget solution. Your will be blown away with the light bandwidth load on your systems. And with the Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) feature, we can leverage the LocalSpeedVaultTM for fast recovery meaning when a disaster occurs, you will yet again be amazed when physical systems and data are accessible within minutes as virtual machines.
  • On-site or Off-site
    Choose between a hosted online solution or a software-only version. Our backup protects software applications and works across multiple server and computer platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. You can enable the tool on individual devices, or an all devices at client or site level.