Email Encryption

Protect credit cards, social security numbers, and other sensitive data

Protect all forms of disparate email data, whether on mobile devices, desktops, in the cloud or on Microsoft Exchange servers. We help organizations cover all their bases by ensuring that confidential information is not leaving the company gateway unprotected.

You don’t have to micromanage it since users can manually encrypt their own emails or rely on predefined privacy policies. And the best part… our solution can be implemented without the need for upfront investment in hardware or software.

Automatic Encryption

Based on pre-defined content

No Hardware Required

Implemented on your Domain

Protect all business email

Sent from desktops, phones, web mail

Easy to Open

Your customers will be able to open the message quick and easy

Easy to Encrypt

The Sender can Encrypt Manually with one click or keyword

Detect HIPAA content and encrypt

Pre-defined policies includes HIPAA oriented libraries containing drug codes, HIPAA / medial terms & more.