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Website Design Services

The Smart Way of doing IT!

Website Design

The Internet is your Global Image. Don’t let a Cheap website ruin it…

We won’t just build you a great website; we can integrate it to your marketing strategy with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media, CMS, a shopping cart and many other tools.

Live Connexus has many years of experience developing web content; we will meet with you to understand your market strategy, what you need to communicate and your specific business situation. We will provide you with a solid estimate on the project completion, and give you access to the content as it is being develop to ensure it meets your needs.

Unique Design

Custom made for your company image


Social Media, Shopping cart, Databases.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+

Search Engine Optimization

Be found by the right client

English / Spanish

Reach an international market

Google Analytics

Visitor analysis and tracking

Advanced Features

Forms, store, databases

Easy to Edit

CMS Interface

Maintenance Services

We can keep your website current with regular updates