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Office Web Applications

The Smart Way of doing IT!

Offce Web Applications

Live Connexus can assist you selecting the tools needed by your Staff with Minimal Disruption

Implementing Google Apps or Office 365 is just the beginning of a cloud environment. Office Web Applications can dramatically reduce cost and increase productivity. Business software can be delivered to end-users more cost-effectively using a Software as a Services (SaaS) deployment model than by running local copies of expensive software on servers and desktops located on the customer’s premise.

Hosted applications replace all the uncertain and ever increasing costs of running your own applications, with a monthly steady fee and a reliable service that requires no internal headcount to maintain. Live Connexus will also bring the necessary expertise to migrate and manage your business applications with minimal disruption during the transition.

Our Support Services

- Consulting services for applications that meet your requirements
- Configuration and training
- Migrate information to a Hosted solution
- User account administration

Reduce Cost and Increase Productivity

- Move your applications to the cloud
- Save money and increase flexibility
- Control access based profiles
- Ensure your data is always backed up on a secure data center

Extend your Virtual Infrastructure

- CRM database
- Project Management
- Collaboration
- Videoconferencing
- Financial accounting