Information Security

Compliance & Redundancy

Your data must be encrypted, protected and backed up either to achieve compliance or for redundancy purposes. Click below to learn how we ensure your information is safe from disaster and unauthorized access:

Email Archiving

Protect your email even if deleted

Messages are sometimes lost as people leave or by accident. In the event of an audit or the need to recover the information, you must have an archiving solution that protects your emails from any type of deletion.

Email Encryption

Ensure your messages are only read by the right person

Emails can be intercepted by hackers. If your company sends credit card information, social security numbers or other confidential data, protect it with sophisticated encryption. Our solution will encrypt the data automatically and even when sending business e-mail from a mobile device.

Data Backup

Disaster Recovery Preparations

Protect your files from disaster, and ensure your business can continue to operate