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Business Phone Service

The Smart Way of doing IT!

Professional business phone and fax services

Affordable & No Hardware Needed!

Take the benefit of the cloud for your phone needs, with the same advanced features of an expensive phone system. Using call routing, we can send calls from your toll free number out to any phone, unifying your business under one number. No more giving out multiple cell or home phone numbers.

We'll analyze your phone needs, call usage and your budget to customize you a plan.

No Hardware required

Use the cloud to route your calls

Auto attendant & queue management

Calls routed via queues and extensions

Connect multiple locations under 1 number

Cell phones, office and home

Faxes & voicemails sent to email

Emails transcribed to text

Professional & Custom Greetings

Greet your customers with a professional voice recorded just for your business

App available for iPhone / Android

Keep your cell phone number hidden

Unlimited Extensions

Ensure each employee has their own extension number

Plans start at $10 / month

Keep your costs down