How to Attract Viewers to your Website

OK, so you have nice website with all the bells, whistles and functionality required to run your business. What now? It will be a waste of money and time if no one is looking at it… right? You should start focusing your attention on how to increase the visibility. There are 3 segments that require different approaches:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

in other words, ensure search engines like Google can find your Website. The SEO must have a strategy and focus on ranking your Website high when certain keywords are queried. By including the right combination of keywords and phrases on your site, potential customers will quickly find your products and services when researching their options. It is critical to spend time on this, because people don’t use standard vocabulary for the same product or service. Research which terms are most commonly used by your audience and your competitors, then, include a broad range of those terms and phrases in the content you produce for your site.

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Provide unique, useful and relevant content consistently.

Social networking

Leveraging on sites like Twitter or Facebook to expand your marketing reach and easily refresh your communication strategy. Create a Facebook group dedicated to your business and invite your current “Friends” to join. This is a great to get the word out about what you do and what value add your business provides. Describe your services, add pictures, videos and tips. If you keep your content fresh and relevant to your business, you’ll attract potential clients.

Online advertising

Tools such as Google AdWords enable you to design advertisements and campaigns, while targeting specific locations. It also allows you to define your budget and how much to pay for displaying each add (the more you pay, the higher the chance it will be displayed on the first page of the search engine results). Combined with Google Analytics, it gives you great visibility of how are your campaigns working, what pages are being visited more often, and how many new clients are visiting your site (as opposed to previous viewers or bouncers).

Don't put too much advertisement in your website. If it's not necessary don't use it.
Don’t put too much advertisement in your website. Remember, less is more.

All of these efforts will help you boost site traffic and sales leads. The greatest advantage is the low cost in comparison to other marketing solutions, and the ability to track the results real-time.

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